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Wednesday, 17 December 2014.

Tessellations and Islamic Patterns - a TwinSite 2000 collaboration with a school in the Netherlands - one of four finalists.

Making Measurements - mathematical interactivities inspired by a visit to the Science Museum in London. Finalist in the 2000 STEM Project Awards

Telecommunications Interactivities - another Science Museum STEM Project site. Finalist in the 1999 STEM Project Awards.

Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Platforms

From September 2007, some of my Moodle resources moved to My plan was to widen the use of learning platforms at international schools in the Middle East. It was encouraging to see four other schools in Kuwait now following the example set by Kuwait English School. My current project is to develop a Moodle site at to support the staff and students at Riverside School, Prague, CZ. During the summer, I am planning to redevelop both sites.

V-L-E: a virtual learning environment

Moodle Development: since the bulk of my time has gone into my VLE projects. I plan to start working on the Moodle Teacher Certificate next year.

I will continue to link to sandboxed demo courses for educators who would like to experience a little of what Moodle has to offer. Each term, I plan to change topic, offering some previous courses as downloadable backups from the website

Interactive Educational Multimedia

Mathematical Interactivities - A collection of about 60 educational games and puzzles covering a wide variety of mathematical topics.

The Interactivities Forum's Resource Site

The ICT specialist website is still taking shape. It may have taken me over four years to get to the point of developing it - but, as I said a long time ago. Given the choice between reading a bedtime story or debugging a script, it's the website development that's going to go on hold. The site so far contains some of the PowerPoint presentations, teaching notes and worksheets I would give to my Key Stage 3/Middle School-age and Key Stage 4/High School/IGCSE ICT students, along with some simple puzzles, quizzes and games.

A new look for the Interactivities Forum - during summer 2013 there will be another relaunch of the weblog at I shall tidy up some of the loose ends at the support site.

Interactivities Forum

Latest Internet Projects

In February 2009: I started on a pair of new sites - inspired by my A Level Applied ICT lessons. As I now teach IB Computer Science, I'm going to spend part of the summer re-working the Computer Programming Class website specifically to deal with Scratch as a pre-IB course.

computer programming class

After yet another hiccup caused by excessive sloth, summer 2013 sees yet another phase of development for - a resource site for professional educators. Once more, I'm going to use Wordpress as a CMS supporting a central blog - will see how that works out.

Around Autumn 2013, I'll be working on the next phase of development for, along with a collection of additional sites as part of my Teachers' Timesavers series of interactivities..

Going Mobile: a mobile Virtual Learning Environment! It may sound simple. But if you have ever tried to look at a standard Moodle site on a mobile phone (or an emulator), you will know why someone had to develop a more appropriate user-interface. From autumn 2013 onwards, I hope to trial a mobile learning platform to see how well it performs.

Other Site News: After a number of server moves, I ended up with a couple of cheap reseller accounts to act as emergency backup hosting in order to minimise downtime, along with a VPS for hosting my main projects. Development work is slowly, but surely taking place across a number of fronts.

Other projects for Winter 2013 may include: expanding the Global Communities project.

Global Communities

From December 2007 the Reserved Word educational entrerprise project became entirely independent of this site. The innovative extra-curricular work I began in 2002 on Internet entrepreneurship for high-school students will move to the website to be launched, hopefully before Summer 2014.

Popular Web Pages

Algebra Flash! practise solving linear, simultaneous and quadratic equations.

Random Educational Quote Generator

Random Shakespearian Insult Generator

The Frog Puzzle a mathematical investigation based on a traditional puzzle.

Advent Calendar and Candle written in JavaScript.

International Education Articles

Global Learn Day should hopefully take place around the time of International Education Week in Mid November. When I find out more, I'll post some information here.

My presentations for Global Learn Day 2 and Global Learn Day 3. They date back to 1998 and 1999, but they help to explain how my interest in interactive multimedia in the classroom has developed.

At some point, I will have to add re-worked versions of my old IteachNet articles and my 1996-7 guide to becoming an international educator.

E-Learning Initiatives

I try to keep up with the interesting things some educators are doing to develop personal learning networks via Ning and Twitter. If I have time, I'll blog more about this on

Other Projects

I've started work on a blogging resources website. Mainly aimed at getting people started from a range of viewpoints.

Spiritual Things

I've been helping a friend sort out a site for his Gospel Magic e-book - well worth a visit. And another gospel magician - the Magician's Apprentice now has a website to showcase his talents.

St. Annes on Sea United Reformed Church have a new website. Still a work in progress, but worth a look. Also this spring, the E-vangel Project is the latest initiative from the Exousia Press.

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